The world becomes corrupted when people have the wrong goals. People think they are better then animals because they believe that they are smarter. Yes, it is true that people are smarter than animals, but if we think another way, we will find out that people are losers compared to the animal. Why? Because nature isn’t destroyed by animals, it is destroyed by people. Human’s life depends on nature but they destroy it. So maybe an animal is more clever then human. We can imagine a place without people can be more beautiful than a city.

People are more dangerous then any kind of animal on this planet. Tiger, Shark, Snake, ……all these animals are cruel. They kill other animals to survive, but after their stomachs are full, they stop killing. How about people? Even those that have a lot of money, they still work, work, work and work to have more money. Some of them destroy the whole word just to gain their profit. Some destroy themselves, their families, their children through divorce, greed, lack of attention to their health, or lack of time. Clearly we see that many people do not always do what is good or right. People with knowledge are more dangerous then people without knowledge. For example, a nuclear weapon is not made by illiterate, but it was built by educated people. A quote say “ KNOWLEDGE IS A WEAPON”.

What does the Coconut School teach? Do they teach knowledge that can be used as a weapon? The Coconut School doesn’t teach English, computer or math only. We teach children about life first and being a good person, who uses knowledge to help others. After they are clear about the life, we provide them the skills and knowledge to be a good person, who can be successful. Educated people without pure hearts, can destroy the whole world. At the Coconut school we teach and show the children about the goodness in their heart.

We know the problem, that’s why we solve the problem. The world climate changes, wars, killing each other. All these problems occur because of stupid mind or an evil heart. They have knowledge, but they use in wrong way. They use their knowledge to gain their own profit. We call them selfish people. Coconut School solves this problem by teaching the new generation about how to be a good people. Somebody said “TEACH THEM HOW TO FISH, DON'T GIVE THEM THE FISH”. It is good to train someone for better life not to give a better life to someone. But the Coconut School has a different point. We are not only teach them how to fish, we are teaching them how to fish in a very gentle way. It’s mean fishing without making other people hurt. More then this, we teach children to be a helper. Everywhere in this world, we need these kind of lessons. We are not willing to share only to Cambodian’s children, but we are willing to share goodness to all kids around the world, if we have chance.

Because we know, that’s why we have to share. Like a quote said “POWER COMES WITH RESPONSIBLE”

Coconut School's Projects

What We Needs

School Monthly Donors and Payments

School Monthly Donors
Report on January 2019

  • Bong Vannin LDP = 50$
  • Tola Siemreap = 25$
  • Group Gleamy Cambodia = 200$
  • Gleamy Cambodia = 200$
Total = 475.00$ = 1,900,000៛

School Monthly Payments
Report on January 2019

  • Pay for one volunteer = 100$
  • Pay for food = 400$
  • Pay for Clean Water = 25$
  • Pay for Electricity = 72.5$
Total = 597.50$ = 2,390,000៛



Mr. Vanday, who is from Bathombong province founded the Coconut School. The Coconut School was found to make people "learn to think, think to create", which is Mr. Vanday's vision since 2013. Mr. Vanday teaches the children English and made the school using recycled rubbish. After the school was in operation for 2 1/2 years, he turned to social media to help make the world aware of his school, to educate others on how they can help him build this village and to provide ways for people to help.


Coconut School had 7 volunteers which helped it to grow quickly and allowed Mr. Vanday to expand his vision to being able to provide a computer class. Currently, the Coconut School provides education to 280 students in the village.

Currently the Coconut School provides children three skills and concentrates on developing children with strong good morals. The school educates its students in the ability to speak, read and write English, computer technology skills and recycling skills. The school does not teach politics or religion. In addition, the school provides life lessons, which were Mr. Vanday's vision. The school concentrates on being a good person and giving unto others. He also teaches the children that money will not make them happy and money at the expense of hurting others is not good.

One visit to the school will demonstrate the commodore built among the students and the love for each other's. Today there are students that come to the school to assist the younger children in speaking English and learning math. People comment that the Coconut School is a beautiful place with many colors based the recycled items and the students are so happy to study at the Coconut School.

Mr. Vanday hopes that to build up the Coconut School so that is self sustaining and will continue to help the small kids in the village way into the future. He also dreams that one day the students will go to the university and come back to serve the village and help others at the Coconut School.


We have rebuilt our schools at Koh Dach because once the rain we can not learn because of the water inside the tire and the computer class, and also the slippery road. Coconut School had one more location, which build on Kirirom mountain at Kompong Speu province. There are two serverals reason to build one more school on the Kirirom.

Who We Are

Ouk Vanday

Founder Message

I am a man who understand deeply that CAMBODIA must start again from children and clean up kids’ heart to be a good next generation of Cambodia and world. I never forget all the mankind need clean green environment to live with happiness so I am teaching children to keep our world to be good health for next humans that why the kids have to bring trash to pay for monthly fee . TRASH IN EXCHANGE EDUCATION you can learn with COCONUT SCHOOL. THANKS

Sin Songheng

School Director

Noun Sopheak

Computer Teacher

Chea Sereyvuth

Computer Teacher

Yorn Socheat

English Teacher